My reading goals for 2016

1st January 2016 4

Happy New Year! Quick, whip yourself up a Bloody Mary, pop a Berocca, and then settle down to read this post while your hangover wears off. Today, I’m talking New Year’s Resolutions—and no, I don’t […]

Trans inclusive feminism with Janet Mock and Kat Blaque

18th December 2015 4

The following post is about reconciling my trans inclusive feminism with my own gender identity. There will be moments when what I say shows ignorance, but I’m trying to show my learning journey. And of course, I’m still on that […]

…aaand over to Franchesca Ramsey

9th December 2015 1

My absolute favourite thing about the Internet, even above the amazing sense of community it can bring, is how much you can learn from it. No, this isn’t an invitation for patronising mansplainers to try […]