Your anti-sexist outrage might be a little… sexist

11th February 2016 4

Here’s something that’s been annoying me for a long time: the disproportionate backlash that certain types of people face for saying the wrong thing. In general, I suspect it’s those whose voices aren’t as respected in the first […]

What Sirius Readers thought of ‘Chamber of Secrets’

10th February 2016 2

I was siriusly surprised at how unpopular Chamber of Secrets seemed to be amongst the Sirius Readers. I remember particularly enjoying this one even as a non-Harry Potter-obsessed child; from the spiders to the snakes to the whispering in […]

A little factoid nobody asked for

29th January 2016 0

If there’s one thing feminists of the Internet are supposed to hate, it’s people (usually men) commenting on tweets or blog posts with the starting word, “Actually…” It’s supposed to unite us; we’re all supposed to […]

The joy of book clubs

9th January 2016 3

Have you ever been in an online book club? Losing yourself in a book can be a really personal experience, but over the last few months, I’ve been discovering that reading in groups can bring you a […]

The third time Mara Wilson changed my life

25th October 2015 0

Mara Wilson was the first person I ever followed on Twitter. This was at least three years ago, long before most non-famous people dared actually use Twitter; back then, it was strictly for following Stephen […]