Is it immoral to like true crime?

7th February 2016 4

I’m a bit of a true crime addict. I was totally hooked on Serial; I binge-watched Making a Murderer; my idea of a great night in usually involves a Netflix documentary about a serial killer. I loved […]

The surprising feminism of ‘Grease’

4th February 2016 5

I’m a mega Grease fan, so I couldn’t help but get a serious case of FOMO when the whole of the US got to enjoy Grease Live on Sunday night, and I was stuck at home watching it […]

6 movies that actually rival the books

4th December 2015 3

I’m one of those annoying people you probably don’t want to go to the cinema with, because no matter how much you love the movie we just watched together, I’ll instantly tell you that it […]

I first met Hilary Duff in her pyjamas

1st November 2015 0

If you did Halloween even remotely right, you will have watched Casper Meets Wendy last night. This supernatural straight-to-video Casper sequel wasn’t even critically panned; it seems to have just been critically ignored. Bringing it […]

The third time Mara Wilson changed my life

25th October 2015 0

Mara Wilson was the first person I ever followed on Twitter. This was at least three years ago, long before most non-famous people dared actually use Twitter; back then, it was strictly for following Stephen […]

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