Why 2015 was tough, but I loved it

31st December 2015 10

I’m not gonna lie, 2015 was tough. Like, really tough. But it was also probably the best year of my life so far. For the first six months of 2015, my husband was unemployed. Not because […]

Who has to like your writing anyway?

22nd November 2015 4

In the year since I worked up the courage to start writing online, I’ve received my fair share of unwanted criticism. I mean, getting negative comments on your writing is pretty much part and parcel […]

I’m not edgy enough to have a personal style

21st October 2015 3

When it comes to clothes and fashion, high self-esteem isn’t exactly encouraged. I mean, the industry is pretty much reliant on making people feel “not quite good enough”, and then convincing them that all they […]