What Sirius Readers thought of ‘Chamber of Secrets’

10th February 2016 2

I was siriusly surprised at how unpopular Chamber of Secrets seemed to be amongst the Sirius Readers. I remember particularly enjoying this one even as a non-Harry Potter-obsessed child; from the spiders to the snakes to the whispering in […]

Is it immoral to like true crime?

7th February 2016 4

I’m a bit of a true crime addict. I was totally hooked on Serial; I binge-watched Making a Murderer; my idea of a great night in usually involves a Netflix documentary about a serial killer. I loved […]

Reading round-up: my January shelf

31st January 2016 0

For such an avid reader, I’ve read a surprisingly small amount of non-fiction. Although I loved school (NERD), I just could never get stuck in to books about history or science, when there were novels […]

Why don’t I love Harry Potter?

11th January 2016 10

Calling all Potterheads (i.e. basically my entire generation)! I need y’all to clear up a tricky question for me: why don’t I love Harry Potter? In all other ways, I am the perfect millennial. I […]

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