Catherine Banner on writing, books and Brexit

19th July 2016 0

As part of the biannual bibliothon challenge at the beginning of this month, I read Catherine Banner’s beautiful novel The House at the Edge of Night. You can find my full review by clicking here, but in short: I […]

Books I didn’t like (but you might)

5th June 2016 1

My local tube station has set up a free book swap library, which seemed like a perfect excuse finally to get rid of all the books cluttering up my shelves that I didn’t really like. After […]

Desert island books

3rd June 2016 0

We felt like Desert Island Discs needed a bit of a revamp. Who wants to bring Shakespeare and the Bible to a desert island anyway?! In our second episode of Books & Boobs, we’re playing […]

Books or wine?

2nd June 2016 0

For the rest of your life, you’re only allowed to pick one: books or wine? Kelsey and I set up Books & Boobs to tackle life’s hardest questions—like which fictional character would you take with […]

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