Branding to keep you in love with your blog

1st February 2016 1

Sometimes it seems every other blogger was born inside an Instagram filter. The blogging community is full of talented, creative people, so it’s no wonder that all their websites look so picture-perfect. And then you […]

The joy of book clubs

9th January 2016 3

Have you ever been in an online book club? Losing yourself in a book can be a really personal experience, but over the last few months, I’ve been discovering that reading in groups can bring you a […]

The blogger all feminists need in their life

6th January 2016 1

If I had to pick just one blogger who’s inspired me the most—well, it’s a simple choice. It’s gotta be Tara “Catstello“. Tara was one of the first bloggers I started reading back in September when […]

Who has to like your writing anyway?

22nd November 2015 4

In the year since I worked up the courage to start writing online, I’ve received my fair share of unwanted criticism. I mean, getting negative comments on your writing is pretty much part and parcel […]