Books I didn’t like (but you might)

5th June 2016 1

My local tube station has set up a free book swap library, which seemed like a perfect excuse finally to get rid of all the books cluttering up my shelves that I didn’t really like. After […]

Reading round-up: my January shelf

31st January 2016 0

For such an avid reader, I’ve read a surprisingly small amount of non-fiction. Although I loved school (NERD), I just could never get stuck in to books about history or science, when there were novels […]

Boxing Day Book Haul

26th December 2015 7

Y’know, Boxing Day isn’t as disappointing as it’s cracked up to be. Yes, Christmas is over once again (why does that happen every year?) but on 26th December, nobody expects you to do anything except eat leftovers […]

Reading round-up: my November shelf

29th November 2015 0

This November has pretty much been characterised for me by reading on-the-go—and not always exactly as intended. Reading on my long-haul plane ride to the US was ideal—but then there was the time I was […]

Reading round-up: My October shelf

30th October 2015 1

A question I’ve been asking myself this month: if you don’t have heaps of bubbles, a glass of prosecco and a good book—is there even any point having a bath? (Answer: nope.) As this October chill has […]

Reading round-up: My September shelf

30th September 2015 7

September has probably been my favourite month so far this year, because it was the month I finally got back into reading. Having read around three books a day for pretty much my entire life, 2015 suddenly […]