There is no such thing as reverse racism

26th April 2016 6

The internet still hasn’t finished exploding over Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ (which I still haven’t figured out how to listen to, help!) — and already, her artistic genius is being overshadowed by White Fragility. Iggy Azalea went on a Twitter […]

Why the Kardashians deserve our respect

10th March 2016 6

Kim Kardashian has broken the Internet again. On Monday, the reality star posted a totally nude picture of herself with the offhand caption “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL”. Predictably, the world […]

Is wearing make up really a choice?

4th March 2016 7

Most feminists these days are pretty clear: we’re allowed to wear make up now. We’re allowed to shave our legs; we’re allowed to wear dresses; we’re allowed to spend an hour in front of the […]

Your anti-sexist outrage might be a little… sexist

11th February 2016 4

Here’s something that’s been annoying me for a long time: the disproportionate backlash that certain types of people face for saying the wrong thing. In general, I suspect it’s those whose voices aren’t as respected in the first […]

The surprising feminism of ‘Grease’

4th February 2016 5

I’m a mega Grease fan, so I couldn’t help but get a serious case of FOMO when the whole of the US got to enjoy Grease Live on Sunday night, and I was stuck at home watching it […]

Trans inclusive feminism with Janet Mock and Kat Blaque

18th December 2015 4

The following post is about reconciling my trans inclusive feminism with my own gender identity. There will be moments when what I say shows ignorance, but I’m trying to show my learning journey. And of course, I’m still on that […]