What Sirius Readers thought of ‘Half-Blood Prince’

sirius readers half blood prince

Ugh, so far Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has got to be my least favourite in this series so far. As someone who was previously pretty unenthusiastic about Harry Potter, the last few months have seen me slowly falling in love with the entire HP universe—until now. Because I’m sorry, but this book was shit.

Until this point, each book very much had its own story and personality, as well as contributing to the wider Harry Potter arc. Half Blood Prince didn’t follow this pattern. It just seemed like one long set-up for the final book; if it had one defining feature of its own, it would be the sudden overload of love stories—which I couldn’t care less about.

And of course, at the end of this book…. *major spoiler alert*… we lose Dumbledore. Why, JK, why?!

It could be argued that JK rather lost her creative touch in this book…

…though I’ve got to hand it to her: she’s still hilarious at word play.

Harry Potter continued to be the world’s worst character…

…like seriously the worst…

…and Voldemort continued to be uncharacteristically considerate.

JK continued to leave worrying questions unanswered about the Harry Potter universe…

…and that was pretty much it! The entire rest of the book was taken up by teenage angst that left me banging my head against the wall in frustration.


And even more irritating than all the teenagers suddenly fancying each other was the seriousness given to these love interests. Ron and Hermione’s awkward crushes on each other were actually pretty relatable, but when high school relationships were suddenly imbued with the whole *love is the most powerful magic in the universe* crap, it was hard to stop my eyes rolling all the way back into my head. We’ve got through five whole books developing the strong friendship between the three main characters; I didn’t appreciate Ginny suddenly replacing them as the sole person who can comfort Harry.

And when I thought Tonks was mourning Sirius along with the rest of us…

…but it turned out she was just moping over her crush on Lupin, I actually felt really indignant.

Oh well, at least JK’s still making dick jokes, eh?

Fingers crossed that Deathly Hallows can renew my Harry Potter passion in time for my birthday trip to the Warner Brothers studio tour!