I Let You Go: the plot twist you will never see coming ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

i let you go review

I read I Let You Go within 24 hours, and I’ve only just finished hyperventilating. Never have I had to stop more often to catch my breath while reading a thriller; this book is truly terrifying.

i let you go reviewClare Mackintosh’s I Let You Go has been out in the UK for a while now, but I had somehow missed out on reading it until I was sent the US edition (which is out TODAY!). I had heard it described as having “one of the all-time great plot surprises”—and that was no exaggeration.

Here’s what it’s about: after a tragic accident, Jenna Gray’s only hope is to start afresh—and in a tiny, remote Welsh village it seems possible, just for a moment, that she might be able to find a new life. But her grief isn’t going to stay in the past for long…

At the risk of revealing spoilers, I can tell you practically nothing else about the plot—but this video will give you a guide as to the emotions I was feeling while reading!

The Good

Mackintosh’s writing is totally gripping: even the slower chapters sent chills down my spine. The much-lauded twist really does come out of nowhere—and the more I flicked back through the book to make sense of it, the more I saw just how phenomenally clever it is. (In fact, I actually recommend re-reading the first few chapters immediately after discovering the twist: when I did this, I was hit with a sinking realisation as I re-interpreted an earlier scene into something much more sinister.)

But there’s substance beneath the action-packed plot, too: this book delivers a powerful message about the way we assign guilt—and delves into some seriously hard-hitting areas…that, once again, I can’t talk about without spoilers!

The Bad

Right at the end, there’s one plot twist too many, wrapping up what has so far been a frighteningly believable story just a little too neatly.



i let you go review
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In the ocean of thrillers I have read lately, I Let You Go manages to stand out as totally new. It’s both devastating and excruciatingly scary—but in between wanting to cry and wanting to scream, you’re also left with a lot to think about too. Brace yourself before you dive in (consider this your trigger warning for practically everything you can think of): this book will stay with you.

I Let You Go is now out in both the UK and the US

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*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.