Gracie Actually Writes: the blogger I could read for hours

gracie actually

Have you ever stumbled across a blog while carelessly browsing one afternoon, only to look up and all of a sudden it’s pitch black outside and you’ve been reading for four hours and didn’t even notice? I have. That’s exactly what happened when I discovered Gracie Actually Writes.

gracie actually writesGracie’s writing is even more beautiful than her rings—and that’s saying something, because her hands look like something I want to buy from an edgy Camden stall.

She writes about books and dreams and life in a way that’s so wonderfully relatable—which is amazing, when you consider that Gracie has survived brain surgery. Her life has included a major rollercoaster that I could never even imagine—and yet when I’m sitting in my armchair, cup of tea in hand, I find myself nodding along as if it actually happened to me. That’s how good she is at this writing biz.

(I realise that’s an odd sort of compliment. I essentially just said “Gracie, you make me feel like I’ve got a brain tumour”. In a nice way, though.)

You should read Gracie’s tumour tale. Start from the beginning. It’s sad and it’s scary but it’s also bubbling with Gracie’s humour and wisdom (and general badassery). She describes herself as an “unlikely survivor”, which I love. Maybe we’d all survive the things we never knew we could. So yeah, you should read Gracie’s tumour tale.

But you should also read how she writes about her dreams, and her love for words, and body positivity—and everything else she tackles on Gracie Actually Writes. You should definitely read her piece on female masturbation, because it’s really important that we talk about that more.

gracie actually writesYou should read her book recommendations and take them all seriously, because the girl’s got amazing taste. I can’t actually remember the first time I discovered her blog, but it was either when we were both fangirling over Louise O’Neill or it was when we both agreed that The Princess Bride is an underrated book. So yeah, I pretty much trust anything she tells me. The first time Gracie recommended me a book I bought it within about three seconds (but I haven’t read it yet because my TBR list is out of control—whoops).

I sometimes forget that Gracie and I have never actually met, because her writing makes me feel like we’ve been drinking countless cups of tea together and that I’ve tried on all her rings. We have plans to watch The Princess Bride together though—so get excited. We’ll probably live-tweet it. Or write a joint blog. Or just get too distracted chatting and forget to write anything at all.

So go and get lost in Gracie Actually Writes‘ wonderful blog for an hour (or five). And then join me in impatiently waiting for her to write her first bestselling novel. Honestly, there’s nobody quite like her.

Images: GracieActually/Instagram