Is reading on a Kindle the best—or do I just have terrible taste?

i love reading on a kindle

I have a confession which goes against everything book-lovers stand for. Please don’t set fire to me—but I prefer reading on a Kindle. I know I’m supposed to prefer the way paper feels in my hands, and I’m supposed to crave the smell of ink or something—but I just don’t. In fact, quite the opposite.

reading on a kindle vs bookLook, I love physical books. I do. I love the way they look on my bookshelf. I love when they have hand-written dedications, and notes in the margin. I love piling them by my bed, and I love flicking through them, and if I adore a book, I’ll always buy the physical copy because there’s a certain magic to the book that nothing else can quite capture. But I just don’t like reading them that much.

I prefer turning the page without having to put down my glass of wine. I prefer having less words on the page at once so I’m not tempted to glance ahead in dramatic moments. I prefer not having to worry about dog-earing pages. I prefer never losing my place, and I prefer being able to look up the meaning of a word with the click of a button. I prefer reading on a Kindle.

reading on a kindle vs bookIt’s not just that Kindles are more convenient. It’s not just that I can take six books on holiday without weighing down my suitcase. And it’s not just that I never have to worry about leaving my book behind, because I know I can pick up right where I left off just using my iPhone. It’s that I actually prefer reading on a Kindle. Is it just me? 

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