Is reading on a Kindle the best—or do I just have terrible taste?

i love reading on a kindle

I have a confession which goes against everything book-lovers stand for. Please don’t set fire to me—but I prefer reading on a Kindle. I know I’m supposed to prefer the way paper feels in my hands, and I’m supposed to crave the smell of ink or something—but I just don’t. In fact, quite the opposite.

reading on a kindle vs bookLook, I love physical books. I do. I love the way they look on my bookshelf. I love when they have hand-written dedications, and notes in the margin. I love piling them by my bed, and I love flicking through them, and if I adore a book, I’ll always buy the physical copy because there’s a certain magic to the book that nothing else can quite capture. But I just don’t like reading them that much.

I prefer turning the page without having to put down my glass of wine. I prefer having less words on the page at once so I’m not tempted to glance ahead in dramatic moments. I prefer not having to worry about dog-earing pages. I prefer never losing my place, and I prefer being able to look up the meaning of a word with the click of a button. I prefer reading on a Kindle.

reading on a kindle vs bookIt’s not just that Kindles are more convenient. It’s not just that I can take six books on holiday without weighing down my suitcase. And it’s not just that I never have to worry about leaving my book behind, because I know I can pick up right where I left off just using my iPhone. It’s that I actually prefer reading on a Kindle. Is it just me? 

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  • Nope you’re not alone-I love my Kindle paperwhite! I have pretty poor eyesight, and I love the built in light and how I can enlarge the font. I can’t even read most paperbacks anymore because the font is so small/hard to read 🙁 At some point I’ll probably end up going totally to my Kindle!

    • Oh good that I’m not alone! Yes, changing the font is really helpful too—I hadn’t thought of that!

  • Cyn

    I love having physically books, but yes, sometimes kindles just make life easier! I like the highlight option and I can make notes for review. And I can carry my kindle everywhere without worry that I’ll wreak the book/pages!
    Great disucssion!

    • Yes I make highlights and notes all the time, I love it! I like notes in physical books too—but it is a lot easier when you have room to write as much as you want, and delete it later if you change your mind!

  • You’re not alone! I prefer reading on my kindle too. And your whole second paragraph? I couldn’t have said it better myself lol. I still adore physical books, how they look, holding them, etc. If I LOVE a book, then yes, I’ll buy the physical copy. But I rarely actually read them that way anymore. Looking up definitions, looking up translations, hightlighting… Plus reading in bed at night is the best, and you don’t have to worry about a light or how to hold the book. I also use the black background/white font combo, and I can’t do that with physical books!

    • Exactly! It just enhances the reading experience sooo much. Physical books are lovelyyy for collecting, but ebooks take reading to a whole new level!

  • Haha, there are special books, like fantasy series, and contemporaries with particularly beautiful covers that I prefer in physical, but for let’s say, every day reading, I do love my kindle app. I finish books faster, because it’s sneakier than a harcover, or even a paperback. -Perfect for reading in class ;D

  • I used to be a staunch supporter of physical books, insisting that I didn’t want to read on a Kindle. But as time has gone on, I’ve found that I don’t mind reading on my Kindle at all, and there have been times when I’ve actually preferred it. The one thing I’m not crazy about with my Kindle is that the books are sort of out of sight, out of mind. So, whereas I have a reminder every day that I walk past my bookshelves of what physical books I’d still like to read, I tend to forget about books that are on my Kindle unless they’re for review.

    • Yes, that is a problem! I have mine organised into groups, like ‘TBR now’ and ‘TBR later’ and ‘TBR urgent’ hahah!

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  • I’m still stuck on physical books. I’ll read one on my Nook (that also has a Kindle app) if I have to, but I prefer paper. I notice I skim a lot more when I’m reading an e-book. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe it’s because I can see the progress percentage, and it makes me subconsciously push through it faster.

  • I like being able to have lots of books without having the clutter and storage issues of lots of physical books.
    I think reading on my iPad with the kindle app is easier too.

  • I have a lot of emotional ties to physical books (and some of the covers are just gorgeous), but from a practical perspective, I much prefer reading on my Kobo. I can eat and read at the same time, I can lie on my side in bed reading and actually have the page and my head facing the same direction, and I can make the font super-big and not have to wear my glasses.