These are the BEST feminist newsletters right now

best feminist newsletters

Without a doubt, 2016 is the year of the newsletter. It all kicked off last autumn with Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner’s Lenny Letter—a newsletter that drops interviews, essays and advice into your email inbox twice a week. What’s great about the letter is how many awesome voices the women have recruited; each email features somebody new, with famous feminists right there alongside lesser-known but wonderfully talented writers. But despite the big-name draw, this particular newsletter has found itself sitting neglected in my inbox lately—because there are just so many others to choose from. To save you the hassle (and dreaded email clutter), I’ve rounded up the best feminist newsletters I’ve found so far.

best feminist newsletters


OK, I’ll be honest—Femsplainer hasn’t even started yet. But it’s kicking off on Monday, and I already know it’s going to be my favourite. Femsplainer is a daily email (how great is that?!), so you can count on at least one email making you smile every weekday. I’ve written about why Femsplain are so great before, but since then, they’ve become an even bigger part of my life. One of the best things they’ve introduced lately is their Femslack—a fantastically supportive community which keeps us chatting about our triumphs and worries throughout the day and night. The Femsplainer newsletter, which will be full of everything from must-read articles to job postings, is going to bring that whole wonderful world right into your inbox (i.e. right where you need it in the middle of a stressful working day). I never thought I’d say this, but will Monday hurry up and get here already?

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best feminist newsletters

Girl Lost In The City

OK, you got the picture from my last rambly blog post: I love Emma Gannon. But seriously, her newsletter is great. It comes out every Sunday, and is filled with the best of the Internet, which perfectly satisfies my desire to lie in bed all day and read articles online. She also hosts a Q&A session each week, which always has great advice. Sign up here.

best feminist newslettersNitid Nneka

Nneka M. Okona’s Tinyletter has only gone out twice so far, but I’m already in love with her beautiful writing. Each letter tells a very personal anecdote about a picture she’s taken, so you really feel like you’re getting to know her—but the things she talks about are so relatable (like freedom and friendship) that you can’t help but take home a message for yourself. Sign up here.

best feminist newslettersThe Menagerie

Kelly Jensen’s newsletter is deeply personal, which feels wonderfully intimate. She talks about her childhood, about her friendships, about intimacy. Sometimes, she doesn’t even make the letters available online; they’re for subscribers’ eyes only, as if we’re swapping thoughts and worries over an evening glass of wine. Sign up here.

best feminist newslettersHello I Am Mariam

OK, another confession. I only signed up for Mariam’s newsletter yesterday, so I haven’t received it yet—but I have followed Mariam on Twitter for a while now, so I know how fascinating she is. Mariam is the creator of the #FeminismInYA chats, where she tackles the portrayal of women in YA books, and the lack of WOC. I can’t wait for her newsletter to hit my inbox! Sign up here.

best feminist newslettersThat’s What She Said: Words and Work

Each of Anne Donahue’s newsletters contains a Leo DiCaprio gif, which is really all you need to know. But on top of that, they also contain hilarious and heartwarming words that will have you triumphantly punching the air in agreement. Literally. I punch the air every time I finish one of these newsletters. It’s a sickness and I can’t seem to stop it. Sign up here.

best feminist newslettersTrue Colors

Rosalie Chan started up True Colors because she noticed a huge lack of diversity in long form stories (which tend to be written by white men). Her weekly newsletter aims to shake that up, by featuring long form and multimedia posts exclusively by women of colour. The emails go out every Wednesday, and give you enough reading to keep you busy until the weekend. Sign up here.


best feminist newslettersPep Talk

Sami Main is one of the loveliest people on the Internet, and her daily newsletter is a perfect reflection of this. Every day, open one of the happiest emails on Earth: an inspirational quote, and an adorable gif. Super-simple—and I guarantee they’ll put a smile on your face. Sign up here.

best feminist newsletters

The Girl Gang

The Girl Gang was started by Jemma Morgan from Dorkface as a way of uniting bloggers, and encouraging members to support each other. As happy online spaces, The Girl Gang and Femsplain have got a lot in common: check out this interview to read their thoughts on creating positive communities on the Internet. The Girl Gang newsletter goes out once a month, and features upcoming events, blogger profiles, and round-ups of the best articles that month. Sign up here.


Zusterschap is a taboo-breaking feminist collective, which features writing from female-identified people “who want to challenge social norms”. Each month they have a new theme (past themes have included sex, bodies, and stereotypes), and showcase personal essays from a diverse range of contributors. The newsletter compiles the best articles of each month, as well as giving brainstorming ideas for hopeful future contributors. It also includes bonus content, such as feminist resolutions or #bosschick moments, making for a super-empowering read.

The Eggplant Emoji

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