What Sirius Readers thought of ‘Chamber of Secrets’

sirius readers chamber of secrets

I was siriusly surprised at how unpopular Chamber of Secrets seemed to be amongst the Sirius Readers. I remember particularly enjoying this one even as a non-Harry Potter-obsessed child; from the spiders to the snakes to the whispering in the walls, Chamber of Secrets captured my cold Muggle heart. But it seems I’m the only one…

Perhaps it’s because of the slightly dull opening…

Perhaps it’s because there are a few glaring plot holes…

Or perhaps it’s because it’s just so frustrating watching Harry get the blame.

Either way, the Sirius Readers didn’t seem to be hooked. (Though their pun game didn’t falter for a second.)

But despite the hesitance, there were definitely things we could all agree are pretty great. Like the introduction of a great (albeit slightly icky) love story:

And the way J.K. never fails to make us giggle:

And of course, whether it’s Gilderoy Lockhart or the terrifying eight-legged Aragog, you just can’t help wanting to be friends with J.K.’s weird and wonderful characters.

(Except maybe Harry, who may be the chosen one, but he also kinda sucks.)

I even related to bloody Voldemort with this realisation:

But here’s the really scary thing. It’s possible, just possible, that I’m becoming a teeny-tiny bit obsessed with Harry Potter. I mean, I really cared when the news broke about the US version of Hogwarts:

And I started worrying about whether Hogwarts students are getting enough exercise:


I even took the plunge and finally sorted myself into a Hogwarts house:


Oh yeah, and I spent about a hundred hours playing this ridiculous game:


And to top it all off, when I watched Chamber of Secrets this weekend on DVD (something I would never normally have done), I found myself constantly interrupting to point out how it was different from the book. Something terrifying is happening to me, and I’m entirely blaming the Sirius Readers. Especially when they insist on being this damn cute…

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