The joy of book clubs

9th January 2016 3

Have you ever been in an online book club? Losing yourself in a book can be a really personal experience, but over the last few months, I’ve been discovering that reading in groups can bring you a […]

How to swear like a feminist

7th January 2016 10

FUCK—I bloody love swearing. Forget sarcasm; a perfectly-timed swear word is the highest form of wit. I love using them; I love hearing them; I loved Cass Geller’s Femsplain article ‘I Am Woman, Hear Me […]

The blogger all feminists need in their life

6th January 2016 1

If I had to pick just one blogger who’s inspired me the most—well, it’s a simple choice. It’s gotta be Tara “Catstello“. Tara was one of the first bloggers I started reading back in September when […]

Do I have to put my phone down to meditate?

5th January 2016 1

Yeah yeah, I know mindfulness is the buzzword of the decade and all that, but it’s dreadfully boring isn’t it? I mean, does anyone actually enjoy that Headspace app? The concept of focusing on nothing for ten […]

The book that silenced three generations

4th January 2016 0

I’m not easy to silence. I pretty much always have something else to say. But if you really are getting sick of the sound of my voice (how dare you), then there’s one sure-fire way to […]

Read yourself to sleep

3rd January 2016 3

My earliest ever memory is of sitting on the kitchen counter in my childhood home, being spoon-fed a yellow medicine that was supposed to help me get to sleep. Yep, I’ve had insomnia literally all […]

My reading goals for 2016

1st January 2016 4

Happy New Year! Quick, whip yourself up a Bloody Mary, pop a Berocca, and then settle down to read this post while your hangover wears off. Today, I’m talking New Year’s Resolutions—and no, I don’t […]

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