Emma Gannon made me feel less lost in the city

emma gannon

I’ve had this post in my drafts calendar for months, but every time I try to write it, I end up just postponing it instead. It turns out, capturing what’s so inspirational about Emma Gannon is really hard. That’ll be why she’s the successful writer, then.

I wrote a while ago about how Dolly Alderton inspired me to quit my job and move into writing. That was the first great thing Dolly Alderton did for my life, and the second was tweeting a link to an article by Emma Gannon. The post was simple, a straightforward no-nonsense definition of feminism, and at once I was hooked. I read her posts religiously for a few months, and then it was decided: I would set up a blog of my own. And here I am.

Emma’s blog name is Girl Lost in the City; in true Taylor Swift fashion, she swoops down and makes us feel less alone by revealing herself to be just like us. If Emma can be so confident and empowered while lost in her huge and overwhelming city, then I can do it while lost in mine too. Which, incidentally, is the same city. We also share a birthday and a name. Jussayin’.

So her relatability is definitely a big factor in why I come back to her blog time and time again. Emma’s motivational posts aren’t wrapped up in shiny perfectionism; they’re real, and practical, and actually helpful. New Year’s doesn’t have to change your life; your Instagram feed doesn’t have to impress anyone; not everyone has to love you and validate you. Her post on finding your own style inspired me to switch up my wardrobe for clothes that actually made me happy. Her post on balancing a job and a blog was packed full of useful advice, but most important was her reminder to be kind to yourself when you don’t quite manage.

But there’s a flip-side, too. While Emma feels relatable in many ways, she is also totally aspirational. Seriously, I thought that I worked ridiculous hours—but I’m always blown away to see how much Emma is up to. She’s a great motivation in that sense; you get the feeling that she wouldn’t be too impressed by your sleepy excuses to procrastinate from work.

That’s why Emma Gannon is such an inspirational blogger. It’s like having a roommate who lives inside your computer screen. She’s there to giggle over glasses of wine, she’s there to hand you a cup of tea in the morning and exchange sympathetic glances when life’s got you down, but she’s also there to give you the boost you need.

Nobody needs you to be anything other than who you are, she reassures you—so get to work doing just that. Stop complaining about Mondays, stop looking for life cheat codes, and go be you.

Emma has a book coming out in July, and needless to say, I’m pretty psyched. It’s going to be called Ctrl; Alt; Delete and tell Emma’s story of growing up alongside the Internet (literally—they were both born in 1989).

She also has a weekly newsletter where she rounds up the best articles for a lazy Sunday.

Images: Emma Gannon/Instagram