Why don’t I love Harry Potter?

why don't i like harry potter?

Calling all Potterheads (i.e. basically my entire generation)! I need y’all to clear up a tricky question for me: why don’t I love Harry Potter? In all other ways, I am the perfect millennial. I abbreviate my words; I share my life on Snapchat; relating to Taylor Swift is basically a full-time profession for me at this point. But I don’t love Harry Potter. And I’m not sure why.

why don't i love harry potter?It’s not like I hate Harry Potter. That would be simpler. If I just hated all YA, or was afraid of books with goblins in, or was fundamentally opposed to witchcraft and wizardry—then that could explain it. But it’s way more complicated than that. In fact, I quite like Harry Potter. It’s a good story, and J.K. Rowling is a hilarious writer—but the head-over-heels, buy-all-the-merch, get-a-harry-potter-tattoo obsession that most people my age seem to feel just totally passed me by.

I mean, I’m not particularly big on fantasy—but a little bit of magic never hurt anybody. And I do love books set in boarding schools. And I already knew how to pronounce Hermione. So what’s my problem? Why does Harry Potter just leave me….cold?

Whatever the reason, I’m fed up of it. I’m getting Harry Potter FOMO.

So I’m reading them all again, along with all the other #SiriusReaders on Twitter. And this time, I’m determined to fall in love.

That’s what I need you to help me with. I need you to let me know what’s so great about Harry Potter—so I know what to look for.

Is it the humour? Is it the silly names? Is it Hagrid? (It’s Hagrid, isn’t it?)

What is it that I’m missing out on? Why am I the only person whose Facebook profile picture isn’t me posing by Platform 9 ¾, and why don’t I want to get married at Universal Studios wearing a pointed hat?

This ends now. I want to get on that hype train. And I want to call it the Hogwarts Express because I want to have Harry Potter on the brain at all times.

This is in your hands.