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Have you ever been in an online book club? Losing yourself in a book can be a really personal experience, but over the last few months, I’ve been discovering that reading in groups can bring you a whole new level of enjoyment. As soon as I finish a book, I always want to discuss it to death (I miss English seminars!), and so having a whole gang of people ready to analyse it with you is seriously cool. And, you know, you can also send each other Snapchats whenever you get to a particularly exciting part.

feminist vegetarian blog book clubAt the moment, I’m part of Cattitude and Co’s brilliant Feminist Book Club, which has led me to read the feminist non-fiction I would usually have skipped in favour of a faster-paced thriller. It turns out: I love non-fiction! I’ve found myself every bit as hooked on The Vagenda as I was on Girl on the Train—and that’s saying something.

And did you guys hear the amazing news about Emma Watson’s feminist book club? It’s all I can think about; I have to be in this club.

In another type of online book club, I read Little Women for the first time last year along with a group of Twitter friends. We set ourselves goals to finish a certain number of chapters, and then chatted about our thoughts.

And now we’re about to seriously level up. Starting tomorrow (10th Jan) a whole group of Tweeters are going to read the whole Harry Potter series, and live-tweet our progress under #SiriusReaders. C’mon, I know you have Philosopher’s Stone on your bookshelf. Just staring at you. Willing you to join us….

I’ve always been a bit of a millennial outcast, as I’m not crazy about Harry Potter. Having always shrugged it off as something I couldn’t be bothered with, I read the whole series for the first time last year—and I actually did really enjoy it. But I didn’t love it—or at least, not to the extent that most people my age are supposed to. But reading it alongside a bunch of the most engaging and hilarious people on Twitter? I’m willing to bet I finally jump on that Harry Potter hype train—and I’m planning to document my journey on all the social media I have! You’ll find round-ups right here on the blog as we finish each book—but along the way, I’ll also be tweeting under #SiriusReaders, and Snapchatting my every reaction (add me: eggplantvlog).

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