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If I had to pick just one blogger who’s inspired me the most—well, it’s a simple choice. It’s gotta be Tara “Catstello“. Tara was one of the first bloggers I started reading back in September when I first set up this blog. I was nervous, and unsure if there was room for another feminist vegetarian blog (that’s quite a specific niche, and bloggers like Tara are already doing it so well), but Tara instantly made me feel welcome and has been such a great support to me ever since.

feminist vegetarian blog zusterschapTara co-runs Zusterschap, a collaborative blog “for women who want to challenge social norms”. One of my aims this year is to contribute; I love blogs like this (such as Femsplain) that put the spotlight on people with often-unheard voices.

And that’s not all; Tara also co-runs Red Moon Gang, a Tumblr devoted to getting women talking unashamedly about their periods—because why shouldn’t we?

And then, of course, there’s her personal blog: Cattitude & Co. This is my go-to blog for all things feminist and cruelty-free; I’ve probably bookmarked more articles from C&C than anywhere else! So if you’re searching for a feminist vegetarian blog to offer you empowerment and advice, these are three reasons I recommend Cattitude & Co.

1. There’s a book club

feminist vegetarian blog book clubDid you make a New Year’s resolution to join a book club this year? Well, you’re in luck, because Tara hosts one every month on her blog. The books are all feminist non-fiction, which is great for me as I tend to get stuck in a fiction-only rut otherwise. I’ve joined in twice so far, and had a great time getting really stuck in to discussing books like How to Start a Revolution—but I also love reading the posts even when I haven’t been part of them. If I’m deciding whether or not to read a book, watching feminists discuss it gives a pretty good clue as to whether or not I’ll enjoy it! There’s also a feminist film club, which I definitely want to join at some point.

2. C&C’s feminism is intersectional

Tara has always made it clear that white feminism just isn’t good enough. This has been a learning curve for me, and I’m willing to admit that my feminism this time last year probably wasn’t very intersectional at all. What bloggers like Tara helped me realise (along with writers like Jarune Uwujaren and Hana Shafi) is that there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all feminism. And that it’s not enough just to say, “at least I’m focusing on women’s issues in the first place”. If I’m not considering how race impacts one’s gender experience, then I’m actually not focusing on women’s issues very well at all.

3. C&C’s feminism is empowering

My favourite thing about Cattitude & Co is how easily it can put a smile on my face. Sometimes reading feminist blogs can send me into a bit of a funk (there’s just so much still to change!), but Tara’s C&C posts always make me feel like taking on the world. Whether she’s talking about shine theory or recommending ways to support women, I always feel boosted by Tara’s super-positive feminism.

Now what are you still doing here? Head over to Cattitude & Co!

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