Reading round-up: my November shelf

29th November 2015 0

This November has pretty much been characterised for me by reading on-the-go—and not always exactly as intended. Reading on my long-haul plane ride to the US was ideal—but then there was the time I was […]

Who has to like your writing anyway?

22nd November 2015 4

In the year since I worked up the courage to start writing online, I’ve received my fair share of unwanted criticism. I mean, getting negative comments on your writing is pretty much part and parcel […]

We need to talk about Kesha

6th November 2015 0

OK, we seriously need to talk about Kesha. Hang on, hear me out here. This isn’t like all those other times I’ve needed to talk about Kesha only to tell everyone that I believe she’s […]

I first met Hilary Duff in her pyjamas

1st November 2015 0

If you did Halloween even remotely right, you will have watched Casper Meets Wendy last night. This supernatural straight-to-video Casper sequel wasn’t even critically panned; it seems to have just been critically ignored. Bringing it […]