What are the chances Obama will join Taylor Swift on the 1989 stage?

Look, let’s just get this out there: I know the time for Taylor Swift special guest jokes is over. They were fun while they lasted, but they were done to death and now nobody is interested. I just did a quick search on Twitter and it is most definitely not trending. But hey, I told you guys my pop culture references are always too late. And anyway, I’m not writing this as a joke. I’m writing this because it might actually happen, and I need to be able to say “I told you so”. So, I am officially placing my bet that Barack Obama will join Taylor Swift on stage before the 1989 tour is over.


I first suggested this back in June at Hyde Park, after Taylor had just blown my mind by welcoming pretty much everyone I follow on Instagram to the stage. This was relatively early days in the tour, and before the special guest madness really hit in full force—so I wasn’t expecting to see anybody on that stage but Taylor. (And I was excited enough about that, may I add; I have a habit of crying uncontrollably whenever I see her.) So when Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, and Kendall bloody Jenner stormed the catwalk, I screamed so hard that I can’t totally guarantee I wasn’t the reason the little girl next to me burst into tears.

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By the time Taylor had brought out Cara Delevingne and Serena Williams, I was full-on waiting for at least one of the Obamas to make an appearance. It was now clear to me that Taylor Swift is the most powerful woman in the world, and it only made sense that the President of the United States should want to dance with her in Hyde Park.

A few days later, as I finally persuaded myself to take off the bright red “I <3 Taylor Swift” t-shirt that I’m not remotely ashamed of owning but a little ashamed of wearing for four days straight, my conviction seemed a little silly. Maybe Kendall Jenner isn’t quite in the same league as President Obama. So I stopped mentioning it.

But over the last few months, Taylor’s special guests got completely out of control. From Justin Timberlake to Matt LeBlanc to Avril Lavigne; from Lisa Kudrow to Ellen DeGeneres to Julia Roberts—it seemed like the girl could get anyone. And every morning, as I woke up to check Twitter and find out which mega-celebrity had shared the stage with her this time, I found myself half-wondering if it would be Obama after all.

Obama’s no stranger to the pop culture world. He’s appeared on parody show Between Two Ferns to promote his healthcare plan; he’s slow jammed the news with Jimmy Fallon; he’s used a selfie stick. There’s no doubt about it: Obama is very cool. Would it be all that surprising if he showed up on the 1989 tour? If Daniel Craig can convince the Queen to make her acting debut in a James Bond short with him, then Taylor Swift can convince Barack Obama to shimmy with her on stage. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t got practice singing her songs.

So I know I’m a little late with this, and I know everyone’s bored of 1989 jokes now—but I also know that I am a very proud person, and if Obama appears on Taylor Swift’s stage and I didn’t say it first… there will be hell to pay.

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