JoJo is about to be the next Taylor Swift—and I’m calling it now

In case you missed it (which you might have, because this news did not blow up as much as I expected), two weeks ago JoJo released three new singles. Yep, that JoJo. It’s been more than ten years since we were singing ‘Leave (Get Out)’ into our hairbrushes at sleepovers, and now she’s back—with three more belters I fully expect to hear at karaoke bars across the country any minute now. Trust me, just give it a few years and we’ll be seeing her welcome Taylor Swift to the stage on the JoJo World Tour.

Over the last decade, I’ve hardly thought about JoJo (other than on the regular occasions I rewatch Aquamarine, which by the way is a fantastic film and more of you should watch it). It’s barely been two weeks since she dropped new music and I actually remembered she existed (sorry, JoJo)—but two weeks is all it took. I’m in love with her.

It’s partly because her unbridled, over-excited, over-hashtagged Twitter timeline is so adorable—and her enthusiasm is seriously catching. It’s partly because she released three singles and called them a “tringle”. In fact, it’s a lot because of that. That’s a really great thing to do.

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I’m also really into how intense she is. She’s obviously really passionate about her music, which is great—but mainly I feel like if we were to hang out, she would be insane, and I would love that. And then we would go get ice cream.

By her own confession, her arms have minds of their own. I’ve watched this Instagram video she posted about a million times, just for the moment when she starts pulling a Saturday Night Fever dance move at the end.

Also, can we talk about her hair? Her ombre game is no joke.

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Aaaaaaand that's a wrap! #whenlovehurts

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So I’m calling it now—JoJo is going to be the next Taylor Swift. She’s got all of Taylor’s enthusiasm, honesty, and downright adorable-ness, and she can rock Taylor’s trademark red lip embarrassingly well. She responds to fans on Twitter, and she posts videos on Instagram of her enviable squad (they may not be celebrities, but they sure know how to throw a party you wish you were at). In short, she’s got everything that made us obsess over Taylor in the first place. But whereas people have started to get suspicious of T-Swiz’s doe-eyed innocence, JoJo’s more relatable: she drinks, swears, and declares herself down to Netflix and chill. (Plus—she takes a great mirror selfie. Taylor never takes mirror selfies. We want more mirror selfies, TayTay.)

JoJo’s tringle is available to listen online now, so feast your ears on her incredible voice, and then get ready for the JoJo madness that’s about to hit. You heard it here first. Girl’s on track to take over the world, y’all.

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